Working Groups


ILCCO is organized in project groups that promote collaborative projects in specific areas of lung cancer research. Participation in all project groups is open to all ILCCO members. Members who are interested in participating in working group activities, please contact the project coordinators.

Project groups Current Coordinators Projects
Collider bias and Mendelian Randomization (CMR)

Cathi Brown, Philip Haycock,
Tom Dudding, Geoffrey Liu
(i) Evaluating change in BMI as a predictor for lung cancer risk (W. Zhou, C. Amos) (see details) Approved 28Mar2019
(ii) Mendelian Randomization Study of BMI, and the Moderating Effects on Inflammation, on Survival of Lung Cancer (G. Liu et al) (see details) Approved 11Jun2019
(iii) Vitamin D and lung cancer survival: a Mendelian randomization study (G. Liu et al)(see details) Approved 11Jun2019
(iv) Physical activity and cancer risk- MR analysis (Baumeister et al). (see details)
Genetic Susceptibility
Chris Amos, James McKay, Paul Brennan, Rayjean Hung
Currently preparing for second wave of CIDR genotyping.
Previous work: over 50 publications. See publication list
Young onset and Family History
Michele Cote, Ann Schwartz, Rayjean Hung Pooled analysis on family history (see details) Published 2012
Never smokers
Zuo-Feng Zhang,
Qing Lan
(i)Pooled Analysis on ETS Published 2014, 2015
(ii)Pooled Analysis on Indoor Air Pollution (see details) Published, 2010
Light smokers
Neil Caporaso Pooled analysis of light smokers: Analysis in planning
Rayjean Hung, Zuo-Feng Zhang Pooled analysis of alcohol: data analysis: Published 2017, 2018
Hormone factors
Isabelle Stucker, Angela Pesatori (i)Pooled analysis of reproductive history. Published 2017
(ii)Pooled analysis of hormone related factors: Published 2013
Rare Histology
Paolo Boffetta, Rayjean Hung Attributable fraction of tobacco on histological subtypes. Published, 2011
Occupation and interaction with genetic factors
David Christiani, Isabelle Stucker, Paolo Boffetta Occupational risk factors of lung cancer and their interaction with genetic factors (see details) on going
Statistics Xihong Lin, Heike Bickebolle Risk Model Validation (see details)
Medical condition
Rayjean Hung, Eric Duell, Heike Bickeboller, Paolo Boffetta Pooled analysis of medical condition, NSAID usage and lung cancer risk (see details) published, 2011 and 2012
Survival, Treatment and Pharmacogenetics
Geoffrey Liu, Maria T.Landi, David Christiani Genetic, clinical, and environmental determinants of outcome from lung cancer (see details) in planning