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ILCCO Replication of Susceptibility Loci Identified in Genome-Wide Association Studies Proposal

Margaret Spitz, Rayjean Hung, Chris Amos, James McKay and Paul Brennan


Three lung cancer GWAS have been published thus far and independently identify a region in chromosome 15q25 as a causative locus (1-3). Since then, subsequent analysis identified additional novel loci in Ch5p and Ch6p, which require further investigation in a larger sample size.

We are now proposing a fast track replication of these findings in all ILCCO groups. In particular, there is no current consensus as to the relative impact of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene variants on the propensity to smoke or a direct carcinogenic effect. Hence there is a need for studying large numbers of smokers and non-smokers. In addition, we would like to investigate whether the risk is the same across differing ethnic populations, check for gender differences, and differences by histology.

Full proposal can be downloaded here (requires an Member login): Replication of Susceptibility Loci